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SPX 2014

I made it to SPX today and it was a good floor full of interesting people and a wide range of comics. I caught up with a couple of people briefly although I had a longer conversation with Clay Yount (and was happy to see he is still making comics after the end of Rob & Elliott).  Walking the floor I saw a lot of faces and names I recognized but a lot more I didn’t.

I have no skin in the comics…

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Bookmark: Saga

Read first three collected volumes of Saga.

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Working on ComixTALK: Old Content Disappearing

Working on ComixTALK: Old Content Disappearing

Remember Comixtalk? Totally dormant for a couple of years (some might argue dormant for close to a decade! hey now..) as I turned to this site for the sporadic writing I still do.  But after a couple of years away I started getting notions (for reasons!) about remodeling the old site and focusing on the aspects of it that right now seem like they would be interesting to me.

So I have set up a…

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David Rees New TeeVee Show: Going Deep

David Rees New TeeVee Show: Going Deep

David Rees of GYWO and MNFTIU and legendary guru of sharpening pencils — now on the teevee with a new show called Going Deep with David Rees. Check a bunch of them out on Hulu.

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A Few Thoughts on World Cup 2014

A Few Thoughts on World Cup 2014

So last year I wrote a thought piece on the current Confederations and their qualification systems for the World Cup.  About a month removed from this year’s World Cup in Brazil I am emerging from acute soccer withdrawal and wanted to note some thoughts about Brazil.

First off, this was an exciting edition of the World Cup.  Great games, lots of goals and drama galore.  The German shellacking of…

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Bookmark: Tune

I was a big fan of the webcomic Tune by Derek Kirk Kim. I just grabbed the print books – Vanishing Point (book 1) and Still Life (book 2) to re-read. The artist on book 2 was Les McClaine who does a faithful job with the template created by Derek.  It’s a great premise and I enjoyed re-reading it.

I searched around to see if there was any talk about further updates — I recall the webcomic went…

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Weird Al Has a Number One Album

I leave the country for a couple of weeks and… Weird Al has a number one album…

Hey I’ve Been There

Hey I’ve Been There

I don’t think Joel knows what he wants to do with Hijinks Ensue.  It feels like 3 different comics stuffed into one box.  I like the ones where it’s (semi?) autobiographical.

Also I’ve been to the Schlitterbahn.  And this ride is steeper than it looks.

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One Way

A few quick thoughts on Christopher Baldwin’s One Way, his newest webcomic project and another story with a large group of characters in a science fiction setting.  His last webcomic Spacetrawlerhad a similar mix of elements and quickly became one of my favorites (and a whole lot of other people too).  For me, the biggest difference at the outset between these two comics is the unlikeability of…

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Viva La Blog Posts

Viva La Blog Posts

I’m not feeling all that amazing today but conscious enough to read webcomics and maybe clack on some keys. I noticed that Sinfest actually updated it’s website design.  Still simple but certainly cleaner and with the benefit of newer artwork in the logo.

Another thing looking at the Sinfestsite reminded me of is that creator Tatsuya Ishida has kept his sparsely update “Notes from the Resistance”…

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