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Hey I’ve Been There

Hey I’ve Been There

I don’t think Joel knows what he wants to do with Hijinks Ensue.  It feels like 3 different comics stuffed into one box.  I like the ones where it’s (semi?) autobiographical.

Also I’ve been to the Schlitterbahn.  And this ride is steeper than it looks.

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One Way

A few quick thoughts on Christopher Baldwin’s One Way, his newest webcomic project and another story with a large group of characters in a science fiction setting.  His last webcomic Spacetrawlerhad a similar mix of elements and quickly became one of my favorites (and a whole lot of other people too).  For me, the biggest difference at the outset between these two comics is the unlikeability of…

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Viva La Blog Posts

Viva La Blog Posts

I’m not feeling all that amazing today but conscious enough to read webcomics and maybe clack on some keys. I noticed that Sinfest actually updated it’s website design.  Still simple but certainly cleaner and with the benefit of newer artwork in the logo.

Another thing looking at the Sinfestsite reminded me of is that creator Tatsuya Ishida has kept his sparsely update “Notes from the Resistance”…

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Dave Kellett on Making

Dave Kellett on Making

Dave Kellett’s Sheldon is still one of my constant favorites on the virtual comics page. This one is more of an inspirational poster but a nice conclusion to his recent storyline on creating and art.

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My Mom’s Motorcycle: A Short Film by Douglas Gautraud

Jason Kottke linked to this — it’s a moving meditation on life, family, connections and meaning.

Titan is exciting new science fiction webcomic

Titan is exciting new science fiction webcomic

Really enjoyed reading what’s posted so far for Titanby François Vigneault.  It’s a bit unfortunate that it doesn’t quite have the standard reader friendly website design we’ve all gotten used to but it isn’t too difficult to read.  Vigneault has constructed an immediately interesting world with a tension building scenario.  Workers on Titan are genetically engineered for their environment but…

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Jamie Noguchi on Writing

Jamie Noguchi the creator of Yellow Peril talks about his writing process…

Comics People, Groups and Events in the DCMV

Comics People, Groups and Events in the DCMV

Is the term DMV for the Maryland, DC, Virginia area over yet?  I always thought it should be “the DCMV” but obviously I am not plugged into the crowd for creation and popularization of alternative language-ology.

Anyhow I noticed that Tom Spurgeon has not updated his great list of comics scenesin a couple of years (or at least I could only find one as recent as 2012). For conventions he’s listed…

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Interview with the Young Beastie Boys

Interesting — this is from 1985; Licensed to Ill came out in 1986.





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